May 5, 2010
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I sit here in this heat of the summer’s night
Allowing it to cover me in its blanket of darkness
As the fingers of the wind run through my hair
The scent of rain coming fills me entirely
The hostile thunder roars as mighty as a lion
Lightning strikes as the sharpest knife
My entire body is suppressed by the extreme humidity
The storm is rolling in with every intention of destruction, depression, and disappointment
But I am not deceived
I was always told it was a way of God speaking
Hush now darling baby listen close
Step out of comfort and security and step into this unknown
C’mon sweet honey let this rain cleanse your soul
Soak yourself until you feel yourself to be thoroughly brand new and fresh
Remember to listen close
Stand not by sight but by faith and lean not to your own understanding
Are you still listening?
The whispers that ask for your trust and heart, mind, body, soul, and spirit
Is that your white flag waving in this aggressive wind, are you surrendering?
Good for you, you have withstood until the calm of the storm
But don’t get too comfortable, those who win this race are those who endure
Listen up close, in times of trials and tribulations, look beneath the surface
Because it possible that under that curse may live your blessing

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