I Love Me

May 3, 2010
I don’t have a prince charming
or a poofy ball gown
I don’t have my make-up done
or even a crown

I don’t like shopping
it’s just not my thing
I don’t carry a purse
and no, I don’t sing

I’m not elegant
In all honesty, I spend more time
on my butt than on my feet
Is that such a crime?

I like to play sports
Gasp, someone call the police
I’m not a pacifist,
but I’m all for peace.

Jeans are just weird
especially skin tight ones
I mean, you can’t even move
Where is the fun?

My hair is curly
Not that super fake straight
I don’t wear make-up
and I most certainly don’t date

It’s who I am
And what I’ll be
But that’s okay
Because I love me.

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