Begging for A Second Chance(Chasing You)

May 3, 2010
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I feel the footsteps taken,
i hear the breathes that came to a halt,
I can sense the ways you're leaving me,
But It never was your fault.

I could never blame you,
nor do I blame myself today,
If you decide to leave me tonight...
The latter blame may change...

If you left I would tear apart,
Every word I have ever said,
I would decipher every message,
It would forever run through my head,

I will eat at my subconscious
Hoping to find a clue,
The reason why we fell apart,
How did I lose you?

But I have not lost you yet,
Give it one more chance
I cannot picture leaving us behind...
letting us become a backward glance...

I can see it in your eyes,
you don't want this to be over,
So stop the steps you're taking,
Look back over your shoulder,

See that I am breaking,
See the tears I cannot hide,
Walk back to me, let us try again,
Come and be by my side,

Please don't make me let you go,
You know I would give you the world,
The truth is, even if we have our problems,
I don't want to be any other man's girl.

Don't let this end...
Don't make me comply...
Give us a chance,
give us a try...

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