April 28, 2010
By ostephanieo BRONZE, Davie, Florida
ostephanieo BRONZE, Davie, Florida
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Favorite Quote:
"if my thought-dreams could be seen, theyd probably put my head in a guillotine"

theres dirty rain falling from the sky.
dirtying the dirty earth.
no one bothers to clean it.
no ones sees what it is worth.
dirty people walk up and down the dirty streets.
selling dead flowers to those he or she meets.
tired employees at their work,
selling sleepless sheets.

sipping up his tea, frank, a fake fortune teller.
swallows it down trying to make his life feel better.
his fish tank full of fearful fish swim watching their tails. behind one another, fearing the giant whales.

annabelle filled with fear.
its her fifty year
celebrating in an empty lot.
she lay opposite her favorite spot.
toasting her glass of wine
with the oak tree and its vine.
anniversary of birth.
toast to all the years she spent on earth.
now the sun is slowly sweeping down.
far down below the ground.
its time to leave fast.
this day now has passed.

desiree has lived outside for five straight years.
yet she doesn’t like to be noticed,
so a lot she disappears.
up some fire escape stairs she run.
she wants to be closer to the sun.
on the rooftop she lays.
hit by the sun rays.
finding out she must leave as the sun seems to of burned the clouds since they’ve turned red.
as the clouds they slowly bled,
all over the sky.
which she now to
says goodbye.

abraham gets up in the morning and goes to sleep at night.
inbetween the two he does nothing right.
always been scared to do anything hes been dared.
hes clearly declared that he wishes not be compared
to any sort of things. hes not a puppet hes not tied down to strings.
although he believes in being free,
hes truly the farthest from that he could be.

victoria has reoccurring visions of very vicious memories.
shes still in denial of what she reoccuringly sees.
past memories replayed like a tape.
in somewhat of a blur and all in a hazy shape.
trying to trick her mind,
every attempt she take for this memory to unwind.
a suckcess- so she began to ignore her mind.
living life mindless, unaware of her carelessness for
everything she once did care for.

clean clouds clear the controlled chaos.
the now past dirty days are forgotten
of with new forced clean ways.
but not as forseen, the clean clouds cried dirty rain.
which left those who were once glad now
forced into confused pain.
awake employees sell coffee to craving coffee cravers

The author's comments:
in no mind

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This article has 2 comments.

Ashleeee said...
on May. 20 2010 at 8:30 pm
wow :) easy to relate to abraham <3

Jennie said...
on May. 20 2010 at 5:49 pm
incredible, love the opening and ending paragraphs!


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