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April 28, 2010
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In an effort to come out of my shell,
I’m writing this for you,
so you know how I feel
about all that you do.

I think this is more popular
so I’m gonna make it rhyme
to stay funky-fresh, hip and cool
and to keep up with the time.

See the thing is; your special
you mean a lot to me.
I don’t say it cause it’s awkward
but I show it so you see.

I love you and you know that
but I’m telling you any way
I meet a lot of people but I’ll always remember you
cause you run through my mind every day

You’re the reason I’m me,
you’re part of my anatomy.
If it weren’t for you I’d be different
so I thank you for making me, me.

If you were no longer in my life,
I don’t know what I’d do.
I’ve gotten so close to you, so attached
That I wouldn’t make it through a day without you

Without you, I’m like a puzzle,
missing the last piece; incomplete.
How can you see without eyes?
How can you walk without feet?

How can I live without you?
God wakes me up every day,
and you make it worth it;
I’m grateful for that, in every possible way

Now you know my thoughts and feelings,
Lock it in a safe place; that’s what you do.
And when I say or act like I hate you, remember it
because I do love you.

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