Born to Lose

April 25, 2010
By kk10TM GOLD, Burlington, Kentucky
kk10TM GOLD, Burlington, Kentucky
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Let's go for a walk
In the bitter cold
Slowly but surely
Let the night unfold

Take a deep breath
Of icy night air
Tell me what happened
Why weren't you there

The snow tastes bitter
As it reaches my lips
But I'll find solace
On your fingertips

As we walk along
The world is half awake
If I shatter the silence
Would it be a mistake

I'm not sure where this is going
But I know where we've been
I was born to lose
But I'd die to win

I'm replaying all your words
Breaking down our conversations
Desperately searching for what
Led to this devastation

There's no emotion left in play
I'm just a hollow cage
But I have the hardest time resisting you
Lost in your silent rage

If you thought I would break
Then you were wrong
You've just been too willing
To let me down for so long

You always seemed real
Apathy disguised by bliss
But your true colors were
Betrayed by a single kiss

So don't make a move
And don't make a sound
This deserves to live
But I'll break you down

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