Angel Above Me

April 25, 2010
By kk10TM GOLD, Burlington, Kentucky
kk10TM GOLD, Burlington, Kentucky
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Sitting on a cloud
Watching the ground below
Seeing all the stars
Falling down like snow

I heard their transparent warnings
Yet I sit up here in awe
Suddenly I spread my wings
And instantly I fall

The ground is rushing up
A sweet free-fall this will be
I look around in wonder
I know there's no hope up here for me

Your lies, they weren't so hollow
Yet your truths, they weren't so true
My eyes that slowly faded black
Are brightening back to blue

I brace myself and then it's time
I gently glide with ease
The cloud it took so long to reach
Is the comfort I must leave

Words are hard to come by
As I finally touch the ground
The cloud I left so far behind
Was the prison to which I was bound

Escaping was the answer
I knew it all along
Where I was just wasn't right
Yet somehow it wasn't wrong

The author's comments:
Written 2-1-07

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