Thank Her

April 21, 2010
By Manderz PLATINUM, Conesville, Iowa
Manderz PLATINUM, Conesville, Iowa
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Five years ago, back when I was 25 years-old.
You and I had our first fight, I was wrong because I knew you were right.
Your eyes start to fill with tears, watching you cry is one of my worst fears.
You fall to the ground, out of my mouth I love you was the only sound.
And you said really, I said yeah and asked you to marry me.

To my wife as I wrote my vows,
I said if you don’t care can I read them now.
I thank her for that, for ending my dreams for hers of a family.
I thank her for this, making our love worth a chance to start some romance.

On our wedding day, on the dance floor our first dance as man and wife.
I just want to thank you, for my wonderful life.
And couple months later, in this world our first born in.
All will love you, all day again and again.
She has your beautiful eyes, she is our surprise.


We welcomed our first born into this world, 5 pounds 5 ounces beautiful baby girl.
She has your eyes, to make any man paralyzed.
I can remember the night we brought her home, in our house we were no longer along alone.
As our baby falls to sleep, I look at you and start to weep. In a crying voice I said I had to let her go, in a couple years I had to do so. And let her go to go to the school bus, I had to watch her go and my heart was crushed.
To my wife I say again.


At our daughter’s graduation, she got her diploma and gave you and me a hug and we said congratulations. After school is done its off to the big old world, even though she is 18 she is still my baby girl. On her day of her wedding. She had me walking her down the aisle, she turned to me and gave me a smile. Just like our wedding day, they had Billy Joel singing she’s got a way.

Chorus 2x

Never start to blame your girlfriend or wife,
Go up to them and thank them for your wonderful life.

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