Sleepless Night

April 21, 2010
By Manderz PLATINUM, Conesville, Iowa
Manderz PLATINUM, Conesville, Iowa
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My son Jimmy couldn’t sleep last night, he had a nightmare.
So he climbed downstairs, and found me on my chair.
He crawled on my lap, and held on tightly.
After work he always, found me here nightly.
I said what was wrong, with my son.
He told me about his dream; I said I know what you mean.

In the living-room was a piano, I said I’ll show you how to play lets go.
On the music sheet holder, was a song called Our Son Life’s Solider.
And I sang, son I know what you are going through.
When I was your age, I was just like you.
But I had a mom and a dad, but you only have me so don’t be sad.
I know mommy pray for us, she is in heaven with god and Jesus.
Jimmy clings to me tight, when he has his sleepless nights.

The moon is still shining big and bright,
It’s four in the morning but it still looks night.
Jimmy and I are still playing,
When we sing he has your voice for singing.
The same old song, and we sang all night long.
On the piano was a single rose, its how life goes.
It is in a vase, next to a picture of your mother’s beautiful face.


Brokenhearted and heartbroken, through songs emotions are best spoken.
Are different words but mean the same, you my son are not to blame.
But I even can’t explain, without your mom I might go insane.
Your mom is the brightest star in all the night skies,
Is one of your mother’s baby blue eyes.
She watches over her family, and sees what our little boy can be.

Chorus 2x

On the piano bench
My heart feels wrench
Our son jimmy clings to us tight
When he has his sleepless nights

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