Dark loving Light

April 15, 2010
I wonder how people perceive me
is it the same I see?
When you look at me, what do you view
Do you see someone who looks nice and well dressed
or do you see someone completely worthless
I do not care what you say or see
when you gaze upon me
All I need, is too look in her eyes
and see the beautiful spark of life
When I'm next to her i feel love sting
when she is not listening i often sing
about how i would love to be with her one day
instead of wanting to be with her day after day
I know we have our differences
I wear black chained paints
and you wear a white pretty dress
your hair is cut and styled to perfection
while mine is uncombed beyond redemption
With this i would like to make a confession
Of how great is my affection
So please, just for one night
can Dark, end up in love, with light

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