April 15, 2010
By Live2Write PLATINUM, Ravensdale, Washington
Live2Write PLATINUM, Ravensdale, Washington
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Favorite Quote:
"Here's to waking up Thursday, and thinking it's Friday."
"It's Wednesday, dude."

"And we didn't think it was very cool, so... we tried to kill him."
"Dude, they're cops!"

"Great minds think alike."
"And fools seldom differ."

I crash landed in an open field
I touched down on the soft tall grass
The ground, however, did not yield
And hit, I did very fast

It didn’t hurt as it should
Smashing face first on solid ground
Cushioning as much as it could,
The grass muffled the pain-filled sound

Where I came from was a blur
I couldn’t remember where
Where I was going, I wasn’t sure
But to the sunset on the horizon I stared

What a sight!
What a place!
Wonderful night,
I felt its embrace

I crash landed in an open field.
Where I came from, I couldn’t tell.
Using the gorgeous night sky as my shield,
I saw where I had fell.

And I thought to myself in truth,
“What ever happened to you?”
And the answer, mocking as it was
Whispered to me, “Just because,”

“You fell from the sky
Around nine-oh-nine,
And it was ‘cause of a boy you knew

He had bright blue eyes
And hair that shined
And yes, fell hard, did you.”

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