Little Bird

April 14, 2010
By AutumnlovesAustin BRONZE, Wynne, Arkansas
AutumnlovesAustin BRONZE, Wynne, Arkansas
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"When loving you is not the right thing for you; well i guess yuo are just trully way out of your luck"

Little Bird
Little Bird
high up on the tree
look down apon me

makes so sad to
see the mom and dad
let the little bird try
try and try again

Little Bird,
Little Bird,
Try so hard to fly
just so high

Little Birds
singing at me,
Yelling at me,
Wanting me

Help!Help!I need Help!
No one will help me!
I try and try ,yet
I fell each time

I yell so loud
"Fly so high, high
I know you can fly
Little Bird go go!"

Makes me so mad
Dad does not care
he just leaves
with out a glance

Little Bird
Little Bird
I know you can make
it try,try harder and harder

You are so strong
as a ox or even
a fox try,try
Little Bird

Chuckle, chase all you
want that little
bird just won
the race

Little Bird
Little Bird
I knew you could
do it

You live you,
You fly,
Now you are Free,
Loved and you have life

That little bird
just won are race
she can do anything
Littles birds can do anything

Little birds
can not be
put down by
mothers,or fathers

Little Bird,
Little Bird,
You are free
not sad not hated yet loved

The author's comments:
for mothers and fethers to know your child need you they can not and or may not live with out you. Friend help hold them up yet they never pushed them all the way over........

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