The Hard Way

April 14, 2010
They say that in life,
you must live to the highest.
But when life treats you bad,
you just can’t stay unbiased.

How could you stay happy
when life is just mean?
When life is a bully,
and good is unseen?

But we must live by The Hard Way,
where our hardships are key
to unlocking the doors
of life’s mystery.

Sometimes in life,
you’re left all alone.
There won’t be a guide,
to lead you back home.

It’s your job to be
your own GPS,
to lead your own life,
north, south, east, or west.

But we must live by The Hard Way,
where our maps could be wrong.
Where our sense of direction
just won’t be as strong.

“When life gives you lemons,
make lemonade,”
but what if, for you,
you don’t know how it’s made?

You’ll be forced to make choices,
maybe improvise.
Throughout your whole life,
trouble tends to arise.

But we must live by The Hard Way,
where we embrace life’s tough love.
Where we rise to the challenge
and give it a shove.

You won’t always have strength
to go and fight back.
There’ll be times
where you’ll see where you lack.

But we must live by The Hard Way
and accept our defeats.
You must pick all your battles
or end up in the streets.

Of course you’ll mess up,
but that’s what life wants to say.
both losing and winning
is life The Hard Way.

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