April 14, 2010
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Oftentimes in sunlight I
Will curl into a ball and sigh
With happiness and joy until
My skin begins to burn

It's not my fault that melanin
Counts me as neither friend nor kin
But as my skin is pricked with pins
I get a little pissed

"It isn't fair!" I rage and cry
While neighbors pause to wonder why
That lobster-girl with skin so bright
Is cursing at the sun

Perhaps they think that I'm okay
And this is just a normal day
-- Who knows? Maybe I'm in a play
And just rehearsing lines

I wish it was that simple but
For now I am stuck in a rut
Where nothing but the coolest salve
Could lift me from my pain

In desperation I then vow
That next time I'll remember how
Very important sunblock is
Before going outside

Because although I love the light
I can't deny that in a fight
Between the sun and my pale skin
I'm destined, doomed to lose!

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