The Ones Who Hold my Heart

April 13, 2010
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On the 10th of November, 1992,
Everyone prayed for a natural birth that day/
For much past the date that I was due,
If labor did not come naturally, it was time to induce.

Indeed it was a day of joy and mirth,
Covered under stress and anxiety.
Thus, this was to be the day of my birth,
One way, or another.

A doctor arrived with pink in his hair,
(For Halloween he had made it so)
And parents ready to greet me with care.
I arrived after much time.

A yellow little baby is what they saw.
Their second little angel, so sweet, so small.
A little line ran down the baby’s nose, they noticed as they gazed with awe,
A trait that would always mark their little girl.

Gazing down at a curious little babe,
Could they ever know the depth of the love she would always have for them,
Or of the love they always gave?
A bond had formed that could never be broken.

So thank you both for everything you do!
And my dear, loving sister too.
I cannot describe how deep my love is for you.
Thank you and I love you my beloved family.

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