Momma I Miss You

March 28, 2010
By Sunblnat GOLD, Holdrege, Nebraska
Sunblnat GOLD, Holdrege, Nebraska
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I wish you were here to help me get to sleep
But I know that wish is just to steep
Momma I thought this day would never come
Now I’m left alone feeling numb
Daddy cries through every night
I think it’s because your nowhere in sight
His heart aches with the loss of you
I know for sure, mine always will too

I wish you didn’t leave me here
I’m almost consumed with fear
Daddy walks and can’t even look at me
He says when he looks at me, your what he sees
I want to see you one more time
Your melodic voice is like a wind chime

Momma when are you coming home
Right now my heart is as fragile as foam
Daddy’s always mumbling “she’s gone”
But I always tell him “she’s moved on”

I wonder if your able to be like the angels and fly
All I can do is look up to the sky and sigh.
When I’m up there, me and grandpa are gonna walk hand in hand
I guess it’s my way of making a stand

…its been years but I still don’t know what’s going on
I still can’t believe your gone
So I won’t believe there lies
I’ll stay up at night, with these blood shot eyes

I guess I’m stuck in denial
But what has happened is final
I’m still not able to walk in your room
I wish there were only happy tears
And I never had any fears
But I know that life doesn’t work that way
I can wish and pray
But not even that can bring you back
There’s something missing that I don’t know if I’ll ever get back

There’s so much pain and sorrow in this place
Sometimes I wish we could travel through time and space
I want to shed these troubles I’ve had for so long now
I just wish you were here to tell me how
It’s ok though, I can fight my own battles
It still hurts to know you’ll never tuck me in at night
I know its silly but I still miss you saying don’t let the bed bugs bite

Momma I miss you
But your not the only one who’s moved on

The author's comments:
This is for anyone boy out there who has lost there mother. I want you to know your not alone. And you to, can, move on.

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