Midnight Sun

April 12, 2010
Sit right there
Listen to a story of how fantasy becomes reality
When monsters are true
Where one move chooses your destiny
What will I choose?

Lunch will never end
So boring and yet new
Normal and abnormal
There he is
Real or a dream?
Real but a monster
What will I choose?

It was a dream after all
My imagination has disappeared
I fade into nothing
Until another enters my life
One more monster
What will I choose?

I caused this all along
I shouldn’t have choose it
But he tricked me
I had to save her
Now it led to chaos
What will I choose?

Give up my family and friends
I know what I want but I am not thinking
Look at it all and just not one side of it
Now I hurt so many
But still… what will I choose?

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