<I Am>

April 8, 2010
I am lost and alone
I wonder if I'llever be found
I hear people calling my name, but I still can't find my way back home
I see outstretched hands waiting for me to take hold, but still I'm alone
I want to be found
I am lost and alone

I pretend that I'm not alone, that I'm with my family
I feel the love in the air as I stare from one face to the next
I go to touch their faces but they're already gone
I worry that I will always be alone
I cry out "I want to be found" but nobody can hear me
I am lost and alone

I understand that it may take awhile for me to be found
I say at least than I won't be alone
I dream at night that I'm no longer lost, but that I'm found and being passed from one pair of loving arms to the next
I try to believe that I will be found one day but somehow I can't
I hope I'm wrong and I will indeed be found someday
But for now I'm lost and alone with nowhere to go

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