A Change for the Worse

March 27, 2010

This year you’ve really changed
You’re not the same you
That I knew and counted on
You’ve become someone new
I thought you were my buddy
My confidant, my friend
But now? I don’t know.
Does this mean that it’s the end?
The changes seemed so gradual
I thought you just needed space
But I soon gave you too much
And you’ve thrown it in my face
You were my protector
You stood up when I was pushed down
You now are just the opposite
And I feel like your little clown
I told you my biggest secrets
My fears and my greatest desire
You took those tiny gems with you
And set them, with my hope, on fire
Your team in most important
Choir is the next
You keep a fake smile
While I stand there and feel vexed
I hardly ever see you
And when I do, you soon disappear
I been through much,thick and thin
To see you go is a great fear
You know my sister dislikes me
And turns everyone the same
You were the sole one, the only one
Who attempted to keep the crowd tame
The only use to you I now have
Is for treats or you to vent
But that’s not a real friend
And because of you, I now feel bent
I know you’ll never listen
You’ll fight it and deny
But now I’m done and I refuse
For you to see me cry

The author's comments:
My best friend, my only friend, abandoned me half way through this school year. I know she'll never see this, but I wanted someone else to know or know that if they've ever felt this; they're not alone.

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