This is Not Normal...

April 1, 2010
By RomanticRebekah BRONZE, Salem, Virginia
RomanticRebekah BRONZE, Salem, Virginia
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"Poor is the man who hath no patience, for what wound did heal but by degrees..." -William Shakespeare

"Be who you are, and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter dom't mind..." -Dr. Seuss

This is not normal, no,
This is not fair,
Does anyone seem to notice or even care?
For two lover’s hearts are bound by time,
O’ me, for one of these hearts art mine!

Our love is not a game like fools doth suggest,
But instead a deep rooted commitment within my chest,
My joy is soaring with wings uncurled,
My heart’s gates art open wide, unfurled,

Who can squelch this passion within mine heart?
For my soul longs to be matched with thine part for part,
Two minds, souls, bodies intertwined,
Desiring nothing else but for thy true love to be wholly mine,

I desire’st you as thou desire’st me,
Whole and complete in true love shall we be,
My hand resting gently in thine,
My heart dancing as mine eyes softly shine,

For Hermia had Lysander who riddled quite prettily,
Beatrice had Benedict, and they both spoke wittily,
Juliet had Romeo, who composed love’s sweet sorrow,
And I shall have thee both now and ‘morrow,

This may not be normal,
And certainly not fair,
But I have thee,
And that is all that I care.

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