He's the One

March 31, 2010
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He’s the dog you see in someone’s backyard,
Trapped behind a fence,
Looking at you,
With uninterruptable black eyes.
You can’t tell if he’s telling you to run,
Or begging for your help,
Or if he’s just plain hungry.
And when you walk by him he starts to bark,
But you don’t understand his words.
He might be saying “I love you”,
He might be warning you,
He might just want kill you.
But you won’t know until it’s too late.

He has your picture in his notebook,
Glued in securely,
So that he can never rip it off,
So that everyone can see.
You have his picture in your notebook,
And from time to time you lose it.
You’ve never even shown your friends,
Because there’s a possible rejection.
He’s the one,
Who leaves roses at your feet,
When you’re looking for a banner,
Hanging in the sky.

He secretly takes your blame for everything,
But you just think you’re lucky.
He follows you around to make sure,
That you’re eyes don’t get puffy.
He feels so bad,
Seeing you so lost.
So he decides to help you,
Until he pays a cost.
And when you think you finally catch on,
You ask him to confess.
And on his face,
His answer is drawn.
No need for words,
You’ve misunderstand.

He’ll take you around the world,
Like as if you are a trophy.
But you don’t seem to mind,
Because you think that he’s worthy.
Then one day he’ll be gone,
Faster than the wind can blow,
He’s found another medal,
And then you finally know.
You act like the world is ending,
You stop eating and thinking.
You stop pretending like you care,
And those pills you have under the bed,
Start screaming for you.
He came like the wind,
And he left the same way.
You were tricked by the mastermind,
And he left you astray.

He’s the one,
Who stands in front of you,
When you suddenly turn around.
He’s the one,
Who pulls you away,
When you follow the wrong crowd.
Yet he’s the one,
Who leaves you,
When he’s played enough.

He can be so many different things,
Who can you trust?

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