My Dedication

March 30, 2010
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My love is like a story book.
My dreams, the illustrations.
Although I fear you may be blind
Which causes my frustration.

You're in every chapter
On every page no less
But still you read the words all wrong
You take a chance and guess.

You are my beginning, my middle and end
You make the plot thicken
For every time you are near
I feel my heart rate quicken.

My love for you is just like a book
Dreams of you make it seem real
Even if you can't read the words
Perhaps just get the feel.

You say you dream of the two of us
Soaking in the sun
Well I dream of the two of us
One day becoming one.

I know you know the story here
You must know all the words
For I repeat them over in my head
Trying to do them just.

Chapter after chapter
My story twaddle's on
By the time I reach the end my dear
You are sure to be gone.

So let me read it to you love
Let me make you hear
For I can't wait for the very end
So far and yet so near.

Take in the words I'm telling you
Please understand their cause
Let the world hear the saddest story ever told
Let me hear their applause

Let me hold you in my arms
Let me have you forever more
Cos it's you I dedicate it to
It's you that I write for.

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