The Child

March 6, 2010
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Oh what a year,
The poor child has had,
It seems like a smear,
It makes you so sad,

No one seems to care,
Only if someone will come,
It is no fair,
This is what I come from,

Day after day,
Night after night,
I do not know what to say,
Oh what a sight,

Someone please help her,
She does not deserve this,
Call someone for her,
You should be ashamed of this,

She cannot survive much longer,
The pain will not cease,
With no way to get stronger,
She wishes it would cease,

The day has arrived,
The anger flares,
Everyone seems so alive,
Yet and still no one cares,

She says good-bye to the little ones,
Without looking back,
She leaves part of her heart with the younger ones,
She does not give herself any slack,

At first it seems so great,
Not knowing what is in store,
It is not fun being in state,
She just wants to run some more,

It seems like they just leave you there,
With no one to care,
You just sit there and stare,
Wishing for someone to care,

It comes to find out,
You might be forced to go back,
It feels like there is no way out,
Just pick up the slack,

Spending Thanksgiving away,
Oh what a shame,
I wish it was the old way,
Oh what a shame,

No holidays with my little sisters,
Oh, how I miss them,
I miss my sisters,
With all my heart, I miss them,

Do not want to go back there,
I will be back at one,
I just want to stay here,
That’s just where I came from,

I will just wait and see,
What happens from here,
Only if I could be free,
I hope that I will have nothing to fear.

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