Schroeder Ballad

March 26, 2010
By englishdude BRONZE, Wayne, Pennsylvania
englishdude BRONZE, Wayne, Pennsylvania
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Schroeder had always liked music,
So on that Christmas day,
His mom gave him a piano
So he could learn to play.

Lucy learned of his precious gift
And how he loved it so.
But she wanted him to love her
More than his piano.

Once when Schroeder was practicing
She schemed a little bit.
She thought she could gain Schroeder’s love
And was certain of it.

She kicked his treasured piano,
Sent it flying through air.
And this sent Schroeder
Into a state of deep despair.

The shock of the incident
Caused her Schroeder to cry
And she made him very angry
So their love simply died.

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