The Love Between the Snow and the Skier

March 26, 2010
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The Love Between the Snow and the Skier

The first snowfall comes in winter
It is soft, white, and pure.
It makes the children laugh and play.
Snow has a way to cure.
A teen boy, a skier he was.
Bright and happy is he.
First powder brought the skier joy.
To the top he would flee.
Gondola up, up, he would go.
The sky was blue and bright.
Although it was only mid day,
He waits to ski tonight.
Ever since he was a small boy,
He shredded hearts in snow.
It did not matter where he went.
As long as snow could blow.
He couldn’t wait for God to drop,
The unique crystal ice.
He loved to see the mountain top,
Through Oakley’s goggle, Splice.
As the precious winter left him,
His eyes began to tear.
Not due to the cold wind blowing,
But winters end is here.

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