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March 26, 2010
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The Star

Her mother and father told her;
I love you, everyday,
Stay strong, win the battle, they said
They wouldn’t forget to say.

The little girl had hope,
She beard with the pain.
She always stayed positive,
Thought only good could be gained.

But one day,
She fell usually ill.
Nothing worked,
Not even the pills.

Her parents were devastated,
For they loved her with all their hearts.
They could not bear to loose her,
Nothing could fill the missing parts.

The little girls was in pain,
She could not even move.
And suddenly, her heart stopped,
Her parents cried, she was the thing they couldn’t loose.

But her parents feel better,
When the look up at night.
Because she is up there looking down on them,
Shining very bright.

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