Ballad of the Bee and Apple

March 26, 2010
By Anonymous

Ballad of the Bee and the Apple
One summer day
A buzzing bee flew upon
What seem to be?
A giant red ball across the lawn.

As the bee came closer
He realized it was no ball.
But it was
An apple colored like the leaves in fall!
The bee gazed into the mixed colors falling in to a Lula bye
So on the apple, the bee laid
So happy
He stayed

The bee fall in love with
The smooth texture
And extraordinary colors
That to the other bees he lectured!

Together they
Basked in the smoldering sun Wondering
How being together was so much fun.

The bee stayed for weeks
Even when he was sleeping.
The bee wished to be their forever
But winter was creeping.

Food was short!
The bee would need to eat.
As the last day of summer past
At the apple, he took his last peak.

He led a group of bees
And took them to the treat.
They all feasted
But the bee could only weep.

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