Just To Make You Smile

March 12, 2010
By Anonymous

Everyone is happier now
Now that I stopped believing.
Everyone is smiling now,
Now that I stopped breathing.

No one is in pain now,
Now that I am bleeding,
No one has a broken heart,
Now that mine isnt beating.

Everything is better now,
Now that I stopped talking.
Everything is steady now,
Now that I continued walking.

I made everyone happy now,
With just a small sacrifice from me...
I made all the hurt disappear now,
I just have to pretend not to see.

Everything is perfect now,
Now that nothing changed...
Everything is acceptable now,
Now that i hid it, so unchanged...

We are all in agreement now,
Now that I stopped speaking...
Everyone found what they'd hoped for now...
Now that I stopped seeking...

Everything is perfect now...
Now that nothing changed for me.
Everyone is comfortable now...
Now that I gave up on my dream.

I am sorry to have inconvenienced you
But everything is better now...
And everyone is happy now...
I don't matter anyhow. Dont worry about me.

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