My Angel

March 2, 2010
Such a sad and lonely picture
Painted in my mind
For so long I looked
But it was you I couldn’t find
No one had to tell me
Somehow I just knew
That I found where I belong
That place is here with you
I’ve found such a sweet balance
Of happiness and love
Your heart is my heaven
My palace from above
I love the way you whisper
How I make you feel
I once was lost in a dream
Now you’ve shown me what is real
I couldn’t tell the difference
In the fear and myself
But now that I found you
I can’t imagine anyone else
You took my broken heart
And pieced me back together
As time can heal and love will mend
You’ll be mine forever
I trust that you will hold my life
In the palm of your hand
And you’ll never let me go
And you’ll always understand
I love how your eyes
Are reflected in mine
A perfect person like you
Is always so hard to find
Therefore I must be lucky
And I’ve found something true
When I have nothing else
I know I’ll still have you

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