February 26, 2010
By carelesshugs BRONZE, Terrace, Other
carelesshugs BRONZE, Terrace, Other
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If you should fly a million years,
Leave behind your frightened tears,
Escape the milky clustered sky,
And peer grim thrills deep in the eye
Forget your strength. Forget your mind.
But pray! Don't leave your heart behind.

If you should leave your home, your friends,
And seek new dreams, new loves... new ends,
Leap out from your native sands,
And seek yourself in earthless lands
Reach inside. Find your belief..
Tear away your sins, your grief.

Touch white fingered walls of stone.
Burst them, shaking to the bone.
Spin away - dive strike and turn.
Graze the darkness. Fall, fly, burn...
Into everything you are.
From home they'll see a shooting star.

For some, there is a time in youth,
Go days or years, when we know truth,
And pray and swear we shan't forget.
And yet, as age and time beget,
We do. We lose. The fight runs dry.
It need not be! We need not die.

For it is but a cursed bane
This broken time in youth bears pain.
Yet you've not been, or seen, or felt,
Or silent by an angel knelt,
Till you have stood, and sighed, and shone
In the moon's cold beam alone.

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