February 26, 2010
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waking up every morning with no motivation
living like this brings such suffocation
walking though each day under observation
facing the guilt of my constant accusations
with my God-given talent of manipulation
i'm known to talk my way out of any situation
you can always find a logical explaination
when you master the skills of communication
it's not like i'm provided with any inspiration
when i'm surrounded by faces of such antimation
paint on a fake smile to hide the frustration
keep postponing reality through procrastionation
  I'm running full speed with no destination
happiness is only found through intoxication
or swallowing a handful of medication
at least it may bring a temporary sensation
   maybe I just have no appreciation
and i've placed myself in a world of isolation
but you can't live properly with my imagination
even simple things bring such complication
the choices I make only cause devestation
I don't know why I can't meet their expectations
when I evoke myself with such sophistication
      My parents feel that it is their obligation
for me to walk across the stage at graduation
and go out into the world with a proper education
maybe even find a sucessful occupation
so I can give them something other than humiliation
   I find it difficult to follow a single regulation
living on the edge and giving into my temptations
with no desire to meet anyones qualifications
anything normal bores me, so i seek variation
conformity will never be a consideration
     There doesn't seem to be any indication
of the divine purpose behind human creation
we are just a spec in the universes constillation
I wonder,  does time have duration?

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