opposites attract

February 21, 2010
By delaneys GOLD, Dundas, Other
delaneys GOLD, Dundas, Other
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Laughter makes you young, love makes you beautiful.

my eyes look at the world with care
and seek need for adventure
your eyes look more nervously
know your path before you venture.

my lips drop words like cannonballs
my speech blunt, drenched in denial
your lips speak more soothing words
and through hardships you smile

my nose digs in others business
and turns away from those who've hurt
your nose gives a hopeful nudge
and twitches when you flirt

my feet take the road less travelled
covered in cuts and bruises
your feet follow others fast
and lead a life that confuses

my brain will overanalyse
each word or situation
your brain trys to take things slow
lives in constant vacation

my heart has been prodded on
breaks and takes months to recover
your heart scabs but wounds heal fast
results in much more to discover

you look no further, smile at me
for, as luck would have it...
though we are molded differently
our puzzle pieces fit

my eyes your heart my lips your smile
people say we're a match made in hell
you kiss my cheek and life seems fair
i'm deep under your spell

my life still spins in confusion
but this i've learned is fact
me and you are solid proof
that opposites attract.

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