Risk to Take

February 19, 2010
By BucketCase94 GOLD, Robinson, Texas
BucketCase94 GOLD, Robinson, Texas
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"All is fair in love and war"

for so long i held mY breath
hoping that you would see
just hOw much i really cared
maybe yoU’d notice me
your eyes shine with all of the Colors
that seem to paint my world
yet, i still hOpe you’ll give it a chance
and not see me as jUst another girl
i’ve been walking this broken path
for way too Long
now i see a horizon in the distance
i hope that i’m not wrong
when love is like a waterfall
flowing until it explodes
it’s so harD to find true love
and when you do, to let it go
But somehow with you i never worry
i can always just be myself
i no longEr hide in the dark
silently screaming for help
you’ve opened My eyes to the fact
that, yes, life goes on
and maybe my heart has a future
for a love that’s already gone
the scars on mY heart show no shame
in the game that’s just begun
with the big risk you’ll be taking
i know i can be the one
so i’ll let the stars shatter the Past
in a billion diffeRent ways
and when i look into your eyes
I’m always caught in a daze
i know you’ve beeN hurt so many times
and i won’t be another mistake
but it’s your Choice and your heart
it’s your risk to takE

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