My Never Ending Challenge

February 11, 2010
Some would look at her, and say she needs to get her attitude in check.
All I have to say to that is, "WHAT in the HECK?"

So maybe she's a little pushy, with a lot of weight to throw around,
But look past her rough actions and goodness would be found.

When we met, she was my challenge, not in the least bit an easy task.
I took the job as my own, despite her sketchy past.

She has kicked, bit me, thrown me to the ground, but never did I let my will bust,
A firm hand and love was what she needed for me to gain her trust.

I can't even tell you, how proud I was when I saw a little girl get on her back.
She was calm and cool with obedience and not one freak out attack.

Almost an entirely new horse, spare a few bossy moments which I've learned to love.
All expectations for her, we had pushed past and well above.

But my world came crashing down, the day I got that call.
I won't lie, I cried for a long time not wanting to even talk at all.

Now people see her, blind in her left eye, and they pin her as a useless horse.
She's jumpy yes, but after this accident she's going to be skittish of course.

When I saw her after the accident people kept reminding me I was on her blind side,
But I don't believe that at all, and that’s what I've chosen to decide.

She's not blind in the least; she's still the horse I've always known.
She's the only one that sees the real me, and how I've really grown.

Looks like I've got myself a new challenge, gotta start from square negative two,
But if given the chance, I think this is something we'll push through.

We're one in the same, my Dana and I, in this together.
She's my never ending challenge, a horse to have forever.

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