Rain Blood

February 9, 2010
I’m sick of chasing boys
Like dogs chase cars
I’m sick of loving you
With all of my heart
I hate the thought of being alone
But I hate the thought of you more
The question that will always haunt me
What did I waste my time for?
I can’t avoid you forever
But god knows I will try
And I’ll never let you see
The tears you’ve made me cry
For so long I have wanted
Someone just like you
I’ve wasted so much time and tears
And I wonder what’s the use?
I’m so tired of holding my breath
Whenever you walk by
I’m so tired of falling for you
Every time I look in your eyes
So now it’s time to break the cycle
It’s time to walk away
Even though it will take everything I have
Still, there’s nothing left to say
Somewhere on the inside
I know I’ll be okay
But right now all I can do
Is silently beg you to stay
I could cry “please don’t leave me”
“I’m so desperately in love”
But I know no matter what I do
It’ll never be enough
You will never love me
No matter how hard I try
And every breath you take
Is just another lie
In the palm of your hand
You held the key to my heart
I thought I knew I loved you
From the very start
But now I see I was wrong
Your eyes are pools of pain
And I know that my heart
Will never be the same
I’ll always remember the boy
Who was always right
Yet you still have the power
To make me cry at night
I’ll always forget to breathe
When I look into your eyes
But that’s when I’ll remember
Every one of the lies
Then I’ll remember
Who you really are
Maybe then I’ll stop wishing
Upon invisible stars
But your smile will always be there
In the back of my mine
And your undying love
Is what I’ll always hope to find
Yet, I see in the distance
One small chance of hope
But my dreams of you only crush me
But forever my heart will lie awake
Praying to hear the words
Still, for now the tears I cry
Only rain blood and hurt
Forever I’ll lie in the shadows
Watching the world pass me by
And when I awake to the cold truth
I’ll no longer be living a lie
So safety pin my heart
Back together at the seams
Because all you’ve ever done for me
Is crush all of my dreams

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