Who I AM

February 8, 2010
Who is the light in her lover’s eye
That makes it impossible to think of good bye
The reality in the words vigorous coming from his perfect lips while he says “I love you.”
Always runs though my head when I think of the upcoming date where I say “I do”
Who lives in the present
Who saves every cent
Who lives for the future
Who is always looking for an adventure
Who always reflects on the past
Even though it was not always a blast
This is who I am

Who loves unconditionally
Who loves doing things traditionally
Who tries to always be truthful
Who is told she is very youthful
Who sees beauty in everyone
Who is always looking to have fun
Who tries not to judge
Who hates when people hold a grudge
This is who I am

Who always has ears to listen to you
Who hears every word through and through
Who always has kind words of advice
Sometimes they can be as cold as ice
Who always has a heart to love you
Even though some people have no clue
Who has arms wide open to catch you
Even if you are infected with the flu
This is who I am

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