Probably Not.

February 8, 2010
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You wiped your tainted love across my treasure chest full of dreams, only to discover you need a key.

You cannot speak to me with imported, traded, and segregated shipments of lies. You'll soon find out I'm smart, I'm sly, I read your eyes.

What influences your silent strikes? Where did you find those dark spy eyes? These questions flood the shore of my mind.

Instructions don't come with this smile upon my face. They are acquired by the stairs I climb in the building leading nowhere, with no trace

Try to figure me out, I dare you. You'll be trapped in the forever never ending fall. Spiraling into a pit of snakes, leaving you to crawl

That mysterious mind you obtain can only embrace your own thoughts. Maybe that's how it should be. That way you'll never be caught...

How can you fall into a love with no sound, no space, no trace. It's like looking into glass for a reflection, sadly seeing an image of pain.

Would you hold the closest and only hand you saw in pure darkness? It's like reaching for your own sorrow, something cruel and heartless.

I can sense the past by hearing the sound of your touch. How can this be? You think it makes no sense. But, it's me, that can see.

If we could rearrange the control of our hearts. Would we go back to the start? Would we add a filter? Would we add the smoke? The choke?

How can you invade and poison my thoughts. Like a dark cloud full of static. You're in my attic. That's my brain. Get lost, & stay away.

Do I really want you gone? Are you supposed to be a part of my polar ice heart? Can you defrost my crystallized broken thoughts apart?

Who are you? Will you care? Is it you, is it me? Open the door to find there's a secret spot. Will you find out? Probably not.

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