Being Unique is Not a Crime

February 15, 2010
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From her first years of life she knew she was unique,
So different from her family, she felt like a freak.
Unlike the other children, she never laughed or played,
She sat and read a book while outside marched a parade.

At the age of five she was a piano mastermind,
Though she was so smart her intelligence was confined.
She solved complicated algebra problems at eight,
For other children, it was hard to relate.

Her family never believed in her with all their trust,
They looked upon her studies with disgust.
All her life she was told she wouldn’t turn out well,
They never thought their daughter would excel.

At the age of twelve, she rewired her PC,
In the eighth grade she was capable of getting an associate degree.
She was intelligent, but recognition she did not need.
Keeping her studies as top priority has helped her indeed.

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