Valentine's Day

February 15, 2010
By TimothyR.O BRONZE, Hamilton, Other
TimothyR.O BRONZE, Hamilton, Other
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"Now is the time when the names and fortunes of heroes are made, rarely does one hear of great heroes in times of prosperity, but the greatest of heroes are remembered from the times of misfortune." Marcus Sulerus (from the Rat of the House of Fastus)

Why do they say,
That I should pray
For the way I’ve been made
And the sins I’ve laid
My feet are sore
cause the socks in my drawer
just clean my floor
and get caught under the door
I’ve got some qualms
Against the psalms
And the god damn bombs
Of the mobs
I hate Valentine’s Day

The News of war
All the blood and gore
Continues to pour
On us so sore
The moon and the sun
Together as one
Fighting for some fun
All they need is a gun
I hate Valentine’s Day

Don’t make me laugh
With your words crass
Get lost, ideas daft
Go lay down in the grass
Call it express
The mail by which my dress
Came late, adding stress
To my day, already a test
I hate Valentine’s Day

Do you see the excess
With which people of success
Live their lives to the best
While we live without dress?
And the bosses moan
Loud complaints and groans
That the money we’ve been loaned
Should buy a god damn home
I hate Valentine’s Day

But here’s the joke you see
Ain’t no one looking out for me
In this sea of pee
A world void of any glee
And then people exchange
Cards of guilt and shame
To excuse them of the blames
That they want to hide from their names
I hate Valentine’s Day

Piss off, the cops
Are in my way, all god damn day
Gave them too much power,
Now I’m late an hour
Because he thought it was funny
That I was in some sort of hurry
Which made my foot press
A little harder on the gas
And now I’m late, for a date
Of the state, which can’t wait,
But now it will, because I’m here
sitting in a prison cell
I hate Valentine’s Day

The author's comments:
I hate Valentines Day, 18A

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