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February 2, 2010
when i feel winter it’s not just on my skin
i detect it deep down, somewhere within.
the movement of time means altering of seasons
we love it and hate it for so many reasons.
when all is enveloped in snow and frost
i find it so challenging not to get lost.
inside my head, my one only mind
something out there, i strive to find.
i ask myself why we are here
can’t you see this is hell? we hate, we fear.
hold on tight to your family and friends
who can predict when everything ends?
don’t expect a warning, there won’t be a sign
not all components in this life are divine.
fire and famine, our apparent fate
can we reverse this problem before it’s too late?
not all in this world was meant to recede
not everyone can be destined to suffer and bleed.
this mere idea sounds so absurd
but if it’s going to happen, i must be heard.
i’ll show them the way, shine down my light
encourage people to protect and to fight.
if this world is to crumble and fall
i have so little time to experience it all.
there’s so many things i still have to say
my only chance, can’t let it slip away.
i’m so determined to grow and succeed
it’s more than a wish, it’s something i need.
my biggest aspiration, my one true desire
to enlighten, encourage, educate, inspire.
the words i write are what i teach
i’m not religious though it’s what i preach.
live life to the fullest, that’s all we can do
we’ll then discover if miracles come true.

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