The Emotions That Control Me

February 2, 2010
i float in the sky on a cloud above all
up here over everything it seems impossible to fall
when i feel this way i'm constantly bouncing off the wall
until the person deep inside starts to scream and call.

some other times there appears to be no light
i can't escape no matter how i fight
it's not at all ordinary, doesn't seem to be right
will an end to this madness ever be in sight?

at times i drift along, no faster than a river
feeling all alone i can't help but shake and quiver.
this feeling overwhelms me and causes me to shiver,
light from the moon is hope, though i can only see a sliver.

i don't know how much more i can take
my emotions control me, all feelings at stake
these actions and choices are not mine to make
and every single day i'm surprised that i don't break.

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