Learn To Live

February 2, 2010
how can anyone take a chance
when their only opportunity is a passing glance?
how do people find inspiration
when contained in a fraction of the nation?
there are so many ways to expand ones mind
but that is impossible if you are confined.
snow flurries and falls, the sun shines and beams
you question if things will fall apart at the seams.
no matter the temperature of ever-changing weather
all you need is composure to keep things together.
friends keep us grounded, firm in one place
help us with obstacles we have no choice but to face.
we meet people whom we can compare to no other
build our own families, love like sister and brother.
the world is mixed with components that we question as fate
is it possible to make the best of things before it’s all too late?
who knows when the walls will come crashing down,
when we’ll be deprived of the happiness we found.
we must hold on tight to all that we need
discover a way to ensure we succeed.
the world holds trauma and mistakes are made
live it up, drink it down until things start to fade.
just never forget but always forgive
and i hope in your life you’ve learned how to live.

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