Winter's First

February 2, 2010
i've learned when the sky is a layer of grey
that being inside isn't where i will stay.
what would the country be if we didn't have snow
it becomes much more stunning when things start to grow.
though the bright sun doesn't always shine
there are times when all the seasons combine.
when you can feel the warmth radiate from your skin
yet still detect the chill burried within.
you try to find shelter, take cover and hide
search for a new way to escape the emotions inside.
is it physically possible to silence your mind
forget about the answer you're trying to find?
there comes a time in which your thoughts will roam
find yourself questioning the meaning of home.
is where we are born the place we should be
or are we all waiting for the chance to break free?
i'm trying to build myself a fesh start
a place far away to follow my heart.
in this world of imitation i try to stay true
one thing to depend on until days are through.
there are fears, obstacles, challenges to face
once they're all overcome we will find our place.

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