All The Wrong Moves

February 2, 2010
By express&inspire GOLD, Toronto, Other
express&inspire GOLD, Toronto, Other
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never forget and always forgive, and i hope in your life you\'ve learned how to live

i thought this bond would bring us together
stay warm in your arms no matter the weather
how could being so close start to tear us apart
too late to deploy, already gave you my heart
from the very first day that we started to flirt
told you more than once i don’t want to get hurt
so why won’t you tell me what you really think
before i arrive at conclusions that cause me to sink
i have been floating down a leisurely stream
you provide more light than a large shining beam
i feel some kind of guilt after every confession
but i shouldn’t feel bad for my type of expression
i should feel comfort, reassurance and joy
yet i’m so insecure with this single boy
i feel that the effort’s only mine to make
there countless hours i spend lying awake
they’re a waste of time, help nothing at all
relief rarely comes, into slumber i fall
i don’t quite know what it is about you
but now my days aren’t complete without you
i’d do anything to help us get through it
but if i’m the only one trying i can’t possibly do it
you can’t keep up this pattern, emotions i can’t contain
give me an honest answer. you’re driving me insane

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