Earth and Sky

February 2, 2010
hold me close and take me far
i want to be right where you are
dread the moment that we part
a fast paced beating of my heart
when i felt it my mind swirled
your eyes take me around the world
we feel secure and don’t ask why
a combination of earth and sky
whether it be night or day
you’ll be my light and guide the way
all i ask is you’ll be true
stay with me ‘til days are through
to me you mean eternity
glance around and there i’ll be
if you ever feel alone
reach inside you, flesh and bone
show me what you feel inside
emotions you don’t have to hide
just be honest, do not fear
no matter what i’ll be right here
all the memories we have made
will stay inside and never fade
like a guardian from high above
we won’t forget our first true love
this special bond that no one knows
beautiful as a spring time rose
let it go, do not refrain
for us to grow we’ll let it rain.

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