Enveloped By You

February 2, 2010
enveloped by warmth though snow falls outside
here in your arms is the place i can hide.
no matter how harsh the cold winds blow
there isn’t a single place i’d rather go.
i lie here with you and bask in the warm
i feel sheltered, safe, protected from the storm.
candles and fire provide us with light
cast long stretching shadows that live through the night.
once you discover the real you had been found
it’s like a person of silence being introduced to sound.
something that exists in the world around us
an unearthly gift, established to astound us
because the world that we live in sometimes lacks surprise
but i could spend eternity staring into your eyes.
like an on going river that refuses to end
choosing which way to go when faced with bend.
doesn’t matter what city it is that i wander
when alone on the streets i can’t help but ponder.
these thoughts that are constantly dodging through my mind
have been searching for answers that’re impossible to find
without experience and learning on your own
no one will determine how much you have grown.
there’s so much joy we deserve to earn
by being together we ensure that we learn.
about the people that we strive to be
and help each other find the meaning of free.
feeling’s aren’t to be contained, from your lips let words fall
expectations can stand in the way but we’ll concur them all.

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