Inspire With Your Dreams

February 2, 2010
inspire with your dreams that arrive when fast asleep
hold onto the memories you always want to keep.
after slumber leaves your mind, made it's fast escape
you question the feelings left behind, like a receding wake.
you float along and ride the tide
not a single person by your side.
reality quickly floods your head
you have no choice but to wait and tread.
patience is key, the storm will pass
after fulfilling the needs of trees and grass.
you may be searching for your spark
a way to be seen when surrounded by dark.
but it's hard to find something you're looking for
a desire so strong it reaches the core.
forget your worries for moment
to disregard every component.
once the thoughts quiet and cease
you'll realize that you have found peace.
what better thing could you possibly achieve?
just stop for a second and start to believe.
if you feel like flying beyond the sky
come with me and we'll go high.
places beyond imagination
after all, it's our creation.
no one else will have a say;
we'll stick together, they'll fade away.
whether it be friendship or a possible romance
do i wait for things to happen or be brave and take my chance?

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