Your Own Heaven

January 31, 2010
The bright, white light that floats up in the sky
The bright, silvery clouds that are always passing by
Now all of the stars are coming out to play
They’re reminding everyone that it’s the end of the day
Stare up at the darkened sky; let it take you in
Just let you’re mind wander; let your dreams begin
Let it take you to the place where only you have been
The place where all the beauty will never, ever end

You wake up in the morning still staring at the sky
Now the sun is there. The moon has said goodbye
Still looking up, there’s a bright and colorful sea
Thinking to yourself, “There’s no place else I’d rather be”
You wish that other people could see the things you do
It’s the perfect escape whenever you’re feeling blue
You’re mind still wandering, you dream the day away
There’s no place better. Forever here you’ll stay

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