I predict

February 2, 2010
By kylie exner BRONZE, Regina, South Dakota
kylie exner BRONZE, Regina, South Dakota
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I predict,
That by my words I could inflict,
Something real,
Beside the ranks of the ones before,
And Reason will no longer be huddle through the back door.

Engrave my name in gold,
Against the ranks of the old,
Speak in parallels of stories untold,
Imagine that,
something real you could hold,
Intertwined with the oldest, the most boldest,
To gain the Benefits they undoubtedly inherit,
I’m yearning for explanations more than “grin and bare it”.

Implements limit my choice,
But I’m subjecting myself to finally have a voice,
Lookin past phony people,
Go ahead be trapped in your Rolls Royce,
I got a brain, and words heard on mute,
Minimized my intelligence “cause girl, your too cute”.

But me, I’m not trapped, tangled in the masses,
Not a groupie caught up in backstage passes,
Not into sexual favours for jewels,
Not willing to strip, for a dip,
In your expensive pools.

A Nubian queen,
So I’m always hoping for better,
The ride looks unpredictable,
but I know I can weather.
Young babies growing up,
Daddies face is voided,
Watch how they grow relationships avoided,
Either will trip for any man with a cheque,
Jumpin men’s sheets, fronting on getting respect.
Claim it’s your business; and me it don’t effect,
But who am I to watch you become a train wreck?

But see I predict,
That something’s won’t change,
People repeat themselves,
Replay history by their own derange.
Admitting yourself as scandal patrol,
Running around prophesying,
On matters we can control.
But your just one of the rest,
You fit quite nicely into your space,
Of the crowd of others just as out of place.

So gather your armour,
A new battle, the opposite of war,
Giving the people something better than before.
Gather your helmets,
Your gonna need to repel,
All of their causalities they fail to tell,
Tie fast your breastplate,
So to protect your heart,
Cause once war has broken,
It’s bond to tear apart.

Bring your eyewear to ensure,
That with your own eyes will witness a cure,
Keep them opened,
Gawking at the poor,
Thought you were safe?
Believed you were secure?
Are you following along?
Are you quoting my predictions?
Are you discarding them as uneducated fictions?

Cause I predict,
That by my words I could inflict,
Something real beside the ranks of the ones before,
Reason will no longer be huddled through the back door.
So I urge you to, take my words,
Pass them throughout the people,
And Break the news that we’re finally equal.

The author's comments:
just a little something I wrote for Creative writting,

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