January 14, 2010
By Anonymous

A girl whose hearts aching,
A girl whose hearts breaking,
She stands with her feet firmly on the ground,
But inside, her bones are shaking.

She throws open the courtroom door,
As her gaze meets his, she looks to the floor.
She’s forced to look away from his pained eyes,
They just hurt her all the more.

She sits to testify, biting her lip, to hold back cries.
How could she swear she’ll be honest?
She’s begun to build her own demise.

Her train of thought is suddenly broke,
“Will you give us your testimony?”
Trying to spit out lies, she begins to choke.
“Well, it was around... Midnight... And.. No”
She says, “He shouldn’t have to pay.
That man sitting right there, I love him.
More than ever, and I can’t go on this way.”

Wide eyes stare in her direction,
What is she to do?
He’s guilty of loving her,
Exactly the way she wants him to do.

She runs to his side and embraces him,
For the first time, in what feels like years,
The Juries giving mixed signals,
Half of them look with disgust, half of them cheer.

She’s missed the feeling of his arms around her,
He’s missed her in every way, more than he can express in words.
What happens now, you say? Who knows?
But she vows to stay by his side the rest of her days.

This girl whose hearts aching,
This girl whose hearts breaking,
She’s done pretending she no longer care for him,
She’s done with everything she’s been faking.

The author's comments:
A girl's boyfriend just turned eighteen, and her mother accused them of sleeping together and tries to force her daughter to testify against him in court... She won't go through with it.

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